– High Output & Large Capacity
– Uniform and quick dry by hot air from left and right side
– Clean drying by adapting a heat exchanger
– High efficiency burner which reduces operational cost and exhaust
– Independent combustion chamber separated from drying chamber
– Advanced hot air supply system that generates horizontal hot air from every side walls in drying chamber
– It is a bottom-up hot air supply type suitable for mass drying of grains without shelves

Standard Feature
<It can be adjusted in accordance with customer’s requirements>

Model Name AD-10SW AD-20SW
Size(mm) Length 3560 3590
Width 970 1980
Height 2040 2040
Weight(Kg) 830 1300
Drying Capacity** Drying Area(㎡) ** 30 60
On Red chili Basis(Kg) 560 1120
The Number of Tray (Piece) 56 112
Tray Size(㎟) 885 X 605
Tray Spacing(㎜) 95
Operating Power 220V * 60Hz * Single Phase
Burner Type Gun type
Operating Fuel Diesel, Kerosene, LPG, LNG
Control Type On-Off Control
Heat Generation(㎉/hr) *** 39,000 63,000
Ventilator Type Axial Type / F Type Motor
Motor Power(㎾) 1.35 2.70
Temperature Control Type Digital Thermostat
Measuring Temperature Dry Bulb Temperature
Control Range Room Temperature ~ 90 ℃
Direction Range 0 ~ 99 ℃

※ Drying capacity is measured on a standard tray base.
※ On a kerosene burner basis