Company Introduction



Dear customers!
We sincerely thank our customers to have always been with Dong Ho Agrimecha with love and trust.

Dong Ho Agrimecha has been spurring on the research and development to create the better customer value while furnishing agricultural products dryers and agricultural hot air heaters since its foundation in 2000.

In the dryer field, we have been making a great deal of effort to develop various dryers for food products as well as agricultural and marine products, and enthusiastically coping with the customer’s request by combining customized products on specific fields, such as wood, charcoal.

Dong Ho Agrimecha will strive to be a recognized company abroad as a leading company in dryer industry from now on.

We promise to be the company that thinks and acts from customer’s view and makes an effort to create value for customers.

Dong Ho Agrimecha Co., Ltd
CEO Kimjaeil

Company Name : Dong Ho Agrimecha Co., Ltd.
CEO : Kimjaeil
Year of Establishment : April, 2000
Location : 132 Hwabok-ro, Dong-myeon, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do
Main Products : Agricultural & marine products dryer, heater for greenhouse, wood heat treatment device.


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